Cloaked Flying Crank Ghost (FCG)

Here is our Cloaked Flying Crank Ghost (FCG) for this year’s haunt (2013).

Download the instructions for building the mechanism and marionette from the Rocky Mountain Haunters website at

For the head movement, modify the rear eye hooks so there are two side-by-side rather than just the one in the middle. You will see where to attach the strings to the top of the head and back/bottom of the neck by watching the video.

My 8 year old son helped me build this project in our spare time. We started it in June and finished it just in time for Halloween. We had a great time building it together.

↓ Here is an instructional video showing some of the steps we took to get our Cloaked Flying Crank Ghost (FCG) to have the movement that we achieved. ↓

New Web Address for The Never Moor

I am downsizing my domain portfolio and and are two domain names that I am allowing to expire and let go. The new web address for the Dimmick Family’s Halloween Haunt is Please update your RSS subscriptions and links to our Halloween site to the new URLs. Thanks.

Update 08/11/2015 ******

The web address/domain has been updated to be again.

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